Feeling Website Shame? Here’s How to Cure It In 7 Simple Steps

Ever felt that wave of heat flooding your body or a pit in your stomach when directing a potential client to your website? Or maybe you avoid the topic, sending them to your social media profiles instead? Yep, that’s website shame.

It creeps up every time someone asks you about your website, ruining your confidence and reputation.

Let’s be real… A bad website is often worse than no website.


I don’t know about you, but when in doubt, I Google it out. I check every company I interact with to verify if they’re legit. And when their website looks like an archaeological artifact from the early 2000s era and it’s filled with fluff, I immediately get suspicious.

“Does this business actually exist?”

“Aren’t they scammers?”

Maybe it’s the professional bias, but I bet most people do the same: they judge you by your website. And it all happens subconsciously. In less than 7 seconds, they intuitively know if you’re their tribe or not.

So, how do ditch website shame and create a Magnetic Website in 7 steps?

Website Shame: Cure It in 7 Steps


Start with a soul-searching strategy

Before beginning with color schemes and font choices, to be honest. Who do you naturally connect with? What makes you and them tick? Get in touch with yourself and see what is perfect for you. You can consult one place if you do not know that (and I swear they are very accurate!)

Do not try to be somebody else – the key is authenticity. Imagine having coffee with your ideal customer, how would you talk to him or her? What stories would you share? Speak like that on your website. Share your journey, failures and successes that make sense to people differently from corporate jargon.

This isn’t about just making a website – it’s creating your Heartfelt Brand. Think of it as the secret sauce that’ll flavor everything on your site.

I have a resource that will help you recognize what sets you apart, shows who your soul clients are and guides you towards crafting a brand that is aligned with your authentic self.

Check the Heartfelt Brand Revolution here.


Pour your authentic message into words

Now that you’ve nailed down your vibe, it’s time to get clear about how you’ll be talking to your tribe and how you will talk to the people and what can attract their attention. How do you want to enhance the lives of your ideal customers? What goodies do you have hidden in store for them? What are the things that make you jump out of bed every morning? This is where you get to create a message that comes from the heart.

Let loose and let others know what sets you on fire. Like attracts like – in websites and life. When you expose yourself, it’s like broadcasting to the world saying, “This is who I am; come find me.” They will gravitate towards you in an energetic sense or something inside them will instantly resonate with what they see on your page.


Make it aligned with your brand

Your website should feel like you. If you’re a fun, quirky life coach with a hippie vibe – make your brand and website reflect it. You don’t want to come across stuffy as a law firm because that will attract stuffy, dead-serious people who don’t get you.

Pick colors, fonts and images that represent what your brand stands for and that will attract more of your ideal clients. Think about dressing up your website for its potential job – make sure it has the right clothes on!

Don’t we all like free things? However, something else lies behind the notion of gratis. It is through giving away something that you gain more. Form a valuable resource such as an e-book, an auto lesson or cheat sheet that your target market would really want.

Additionally, this does not only give them a sample of your expertness but it can help you building your own email list where you can sell to them in future. After sampling your delicious content, they will be back for more!


Assist from a Web Expert

You know what; not every one of us is technology whizzes. If the thought of developing a website for your spiritual business gives you hives then do not fear to call in some assistance. A web designer is able to use their ability and make sure that what was in your mind becomes alive.

Shhh! I am right here-look no further-I am going to be the fairy godmother who will have you ready for the ball before midnight strikes with One Week Website Magic!


Optimize it for Google

Your website should be found, right? So make sure it is optimized for search engines. Use relevant keywords naturally throughout your content, create descriptive meta tags, ALT descriptions and ensure that your site loads quickly. It’s like leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for Google to follow straight to your virtual doorstep.


Update regularly and often

A stagnant website is a forgotten houseplant—it withers away. Keep your content fresh and relevant. Add new blog posts, update your services, share recent testimonials. This shows visitors (and search engines) that your business is alive and kicking. The only reason why they can continue coming back!


Show-it* off with pride

*All puns intended. Showit is the magical builder I use to create stunning websites.

Once you have created a website which truly represents you as well as the business you are doing; it is time to flaunt it. Have the web address on business cards; email signature and all social media accounts or profiles. When someone asks about your business, direct them boldly towards your website without dodging anymore or even making excuses because you have a website that makes one proud!

No more website shame!

Shame is the lowest vibration on the emotional spectrum. And it’s the very reason you sabotage your own visibility and can’t connect with your ideal audience. If you’re experiencing website shame, no wonder your current website isn’t attracting your dream clients. It’s time to let it go, own your magic, and step into the light of authentic business.

If thinking about giving up on your website still feels like an overwhelming task, no need to worry; I’m here for you.

In just five business days, we can make over your online image from absolutely embarrassing to immediately boosting self assurance. Imagine waking up a week from now, excited to share your website with the world. It’s not just possible – it’s waiting for you.

Are you ready to stop feeling bad about your website and instead feel great? Let’s do something amazing together! Book a free call with me and find out how I can help turn things around for you soonest.

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