...but your soulmate clients can’t seem to find you in the crowd of similarity.

No one has told you that it would be so hard to stand out. You have a website, and it's even getting some traffic, but it doesn't attract the right kind of people. You're fed up with the "magical" marketing formulas and deceitful strategies that leave you feeling icky.

You see... Each of us was born to serve a different fractal of people. Somewhere in the world, there are clients who crave your knowledge, your expertise, and your magic. You just have to let them find you.

When you embody your authentic self, there is no such thing as competition. That's when the magic happens.

And the website?

Your website doesn't have to be a pain in the neck. It can be your greatest business asset; a marketing tool infused with intention, that will help your spiritual business grow and truly flourish.

This is something I can help you with.

Meet your website wizard
& marketing magician

2/4 Generator. Aries sun, Aries Moon, gemini rising. 

I'm Marta Lebre. My passion is empowering soulful businesses like yours to attract soulmate clients magnetically through authentic branding and intuitive websites that truly reflect your uniqueness.

I work closely with spiritual coaches, astrologers, energy workers, holistic practitioners, and other conscious entrepreneurs. My approach blends art, tech, psychology, and spirituality to craft authentic brands and intuitive websites, enabling my clients to make a real impact, raise the world's vibration, and create abundance for themselves and others.

I'll admit, as a 2/4, I'm a true hermit at heart. Give me some quiet time at my Macbook, and the creative juices flow naturally. 

Fueled by my Generator nature, I find the energy to push through and get things done, no matter what!

Of course, I also have a social side. Once in a blue moon, when I need a break from hermiting, I seek out deep connections with kindred spirits.

Working with people who share the same values is pure gold. There's something magical about connecting with individuals who fearlessly embrace their true selves, speak their minds, and embark on their own unique journeys.

Being part of the tribe of like-minded spiritual entrepreneurs fills my heart with warmth and joy. Witnessing their success in their authentic and sustainable ways is like watching a beautiful garden bloom. And you know what's even better? I get to sprinkle a little of my magic to help them along their path.

So, consider me your trusty web design ally, here to guide you on your journey with customizable templates and bespoke websites that capture your vision and values.

Let's fuel growth and success for your spiritual business while I handle the tech stuff, making website creation a breeze for you.

Ready to create some digital magic together?

Let's do this!


Everyone has a story. Here’s mine.

Before I stumbled upon my true calling in web design, soulful branding, and authentic marketing, my journey took me through a rather eclectic mix of pursuits. Some might call it a *colorful* resume, but each stop along the way contributed to my path of self-discovery.

I began with a degree in Modern Languages and briefly dabbled in the world of translation. I quickly realized that this profession would become obsolete even faster than I thought before, and that it was nothing like the translation classes with that handsome teacher we all had a crush on, who told intellectual jokes with an Oxford accent.

Next on my adventure, I chased my passion for languages and exploration by venturing into tour guiding. Who wouldn't love getting paid to travel, right? But alas, it turned out to be more like a regular job, except that there were no Fridays, weekends, or paid holidays. So, I waved goodbye to that path.

I then spent a few years running my inherited insurance agency. Long story short, my only gains were a bunch of gray hair, depression, anxiety, and a lawsuit. But in the end, what truly filled my heart with satisfaction and fulfillment was web design.

You see, I've always been an artsy soul with a knack for all things digital. Creating websites and diving into marketing brought me pure joy, while selling insurance didn't quite spark the same excitement. Throughout this journey, I kept the creative fires burning through my personal blog, building websites for my insurance company and Faculty, and delving into affiliate marketing.

To me, web design is the art of making the online world not only useful but also a delightful place to explore.

As the days passed, I had an epiphany: what came naturally to me, effortlessly and with a touch of magic, was a real talent, not just something obvious that everyone else could do. It was my very own superpower.

Taking another bold leap of faith, I embarked on a fresh start right in the midst of the COVID pandemic. I heeded the whispers of my long-neglected intuition, channeling my life's energy into what genuinely ignites my passion. 

And one day, I had a discovery that turned out to be a game-changer.

I had been dabbling in the woo-woo stuff for a few years already, but it wasn't until I stumbled upon Human Design that I knew my true purpose in this life.

I downloaded my chart and disappeared into the rabbit hole of Human Design and the Gene Keys, until I figured out what it all meant. Everything I've ever done started to make sense. The puzzle pieces finally fell into place, revealing a picture that had been there all along.

I've come to realize that I was never meant to follow the crowd.

My journey is all about setting sail on the uncharted waters of entrepreneurship, guided by the compass of intuition.

I'm like a fire starter, igniting passion and innovation. I'm here to light the way for others, helping them ignite their own entrepreneurial spark and encouraging them to embark on their unique journey of success.

 Together, we’re about to whip up some digital magic.

Let’s make waves!

But I wasn't ready to pursue web design as a career until I got yet another mediocre, badly paid office job that, ironically, gave me a mega boost of confidence.

I'm all In!

Lebre is actually my husband’s surname, and it means "hare" in Portuguese. We are obsessed with bunnies!

I'm literally obsessed with mushroom hunting. It's something that makes me completely lose the track of time. 

I designed my first website at the age of 12, and it was an equestrian Wikipedia - before Wikipedia even existed!

Fun Facts About Me

We could be an energetic match if...

  • You are an astrologer, energy healer, soul coach, or any other spiritual entrepreneur or alternative practitioner willing to expand their reach. 
  • You're tired of hiding in the spiritual closet and want your online presence to reflect your true essence and what you believe in.
  • You’ve had your spiritual business or holistic practice for over a year,

 and you’re ready to elevate your online presence and expand.
  • You’re looking for something magical

 and feel that generic brand design and template websites don’t align with your energy.
  • You’re willing to engage and collaborate to make this happen.
  • You believe in magic!

Are we soulmates?

If you feel that our vibes align, let's get on Zoom and find out what we can conjure up together!

Work with me