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Struggling to attract your soulmate clients online?

Do you find it challenging to translate your authentic healing practices into an online presence that truly resonates with your audience?

You created your business to change the world and to fulfill your soul’s calling.

But here's the thing...

As an intuitive and sensitive person, you find it challenging to "sell" yourself. The "proven" marketing formulas that seem to work for everyone else, feel sleazy and inauthentic.

You have a website that doesn't reflect your vibe and feels a little embarrassing... And the clients it attracts may not fully grasp your essence or truly understand the value of what you do.

I know that attracting the right people to share your divine gifts with can be a struggle.

But there is a different way.

Your website could be your greatest business asset, magnetically attracting your soul tribe. You just have to unlock its potential.

Picture this: No more chasing after clients because they're drawn to your energy, eager to work with you.

Envision creating the abundance you deserve without compromising your integrity with tricky marketing tactics.

Imagine a website that's a breeze to customize and update, no need to seek help from anyone.

How, you ask? discovering your unique x-factor and building a personal brand that feels authentically you. infusing your website and online marketing with the essence of your soul. sticking to a magnetic website framework that works like pure magic, regardless of your specialty.

Your purpose is to share your talent with the world, and my designs empower you to touch the lives of those seeking YOU.


Find out exactly what you need on your homepage to attract your soulmate clients

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Hello, Friend!

It's no coincidence that our paths have crossed.

I'm Marta Lebre, and my mission is to help spiritual entrepreneurs and holistic practitioners like you flourish online while making the internet a prettier, more enchanting place.

My specialty is to unlock the power of spiritual website design and soul-aligned branding. Whether you're an alternative healer, spiritual coach, shaman, astrologer, or energy worker, I'm here to equip you with online tools that amplify your magic and elevate your presence.

Get ready for a captivating website that not only dazzles but also boosts your credibility with potential clients. 

Let’s make some magic together!

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I absolutely recommend Marta, she’s fantastic and great to work with!

Marta basically created the entire image of this brand online: the logo, the colors, the target audience analysis, the graphic elements for my brand, and my website. But not only that. We also very often discussed business topics, which I found invaluable. We built an entire sales system, which allows me to sell my products online. I absolutely recommend Marta, she is fantastic, great to work with, delivers on time. She is always reliable and you can discuss everything with her.

Dominika Salwa

Kind Words from my Clients

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