Website Redesign – 7 Signs It’s Time to Do It!

Website Redesign – 7 Signs It’s High Time to Do It!

Curious if your spiritual business needs a website makeover?

While design is crucial for any website, it’s even more vital for small businesses. A subpar website design could be hindering your growth instead of facilitating it. If that’s the case, a website redesign is the key to manifesting the business of your dreams!

In this post, I’ll delve into 7 reasons why you should consider redesigning your website and how it can help you attract more soulmate clients.

7 Clear Signs It’s Time for a Website Redesign

Ever wondered how often you should rejuvenate your website? The statistics have it: the average lifespan of a website is around 2 years and 7 months.

Surprising, right?

I was expecting at least 3, if not 4 years.

Let’s explore how to determine whether your website needs a revamp now or if it can hang on a bit longer.

#1 The design has aged

Remember when you invested a fortune in a top-tier designer and adored the result at launch? Just a few years ago, you considered your website modern and classy, and you proudly redirected your potential customers there. Over time, you got so used to it that you don’t quite imagine having a different website now.

But times have changed. We’re now in 2023, and your website has aged.

A tinge of embarrassment strikes when you gaze at it – just like the feeling evoked by photos from the 80s or 90s. That outfit with oversized shoulder pads once oozed style, but now it’s a monument to bad taste. Web design, like fashion, evolves with trends over time – but here it’s not just aesthetics, it’s the technology behind it too.

#2 Unfriendly for mobile users

Around 2012, the responsive web design concept arose as smartphones began dominating the market. By 2014, mobile devices overtook desktops as the primary tool for internet access. Websites adapting to various screen sizes via fluid grids gained popularity.

If your website was brought to life a few years ago, odds are it’s not mobile-friendly. This could be sabotaging your reputation and sales – a whopping 73.1% of users exit mobile-unfriendly sites. Nobody wants to pinch and zoom to decipher the content.

In 2021, in a world where 90% of people have a smartphone with at least 4G internet in their pockets, it isn’t shocking at all. We want websites that look at least decent on mobile. A website not optimized for mobile is a complete disaster, so you definitely need a website redesign.

#3 Confusing navigation

Wondering what poor navigation means? Imagine the difficulty in finding what you need or encountering bewilderingly unconventional solutions. Overcrowded flyout menus, lengthy names, or a barrage of options that defy logic can be frustrating. Navigational horrors manifest in numerous forms.

You shouldn’t expect your visitors to remember where the important links are placed. No matter how amazing your products or services are, 61.5% of visitors won’t have the patience to keep looking. They will leave your website if it has bad navigation.

#4 Sluggish loading times

Slow loading, with 88% of people who leave your site, is definitely number #1 among the reasons why you need to redesign your website.

Modern humans have zero patience and no tolerance for websites that take forever to load.

Even if “forever” lasts only 7 seconds.

In reality, 47% of users expect a website to load fully within 2 seconds.

If your website is as speedy as a snail, you definitely need a website redesign and should also consider a host upgrade (or changing to another platform – I strongly recommend Showit!).

#5 Visual clutter

Within a blink, visitors form opinions about your website. It takes them only 0.05 seconds to decide whether they like it or not, and whether they stay or leave. But even if you’ve somehow made it through the first fraction of a second, 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive.

Remember, less is more. An overload of fonts – half of them in red – isn’t necessary to convey your message. The era of cramming everything “above the fold” ended when humans mastered scrolling (and they wouldn’t stop ^_^).

Clean and minimalistic websites with carefully chosen images that reinforce the message instead of distracting visitors are the way to go, and this kind of design is also more future-proof than any other. A clean website with a consistent style and color palette will make people stay longer and build your credibility, and with a better user experience, you can also expect more soulmate clients.

#6 Decline in results

Have you noticed your Google ranking plummet? Traffic dwindling? Contact form submissions or quote requests drying up? Perhaps your once-impressive conversion rate has dwindled over time.

Even though you haven’t changed a thing, everything around you has probably changed significantly. No man ever steps in the same river twice, they say. Maybe your competitors have already invested in their websites that are fine-tuned to the ever-evolving Google algorithm.

Whatever the real reason behind it, it’s definitely a good time to rethink and revamp your website.

#7 Outgrowing your website

This scenario arises frequently, especially when it comes to people who focus on personal development and spiritual growth. Your business, audience, and you yourself have evolved. Your old website no longer reflects your essence or attracts your soulmate clients.

Final Reflections on Website Redesign…

Your website ages just as your business matures, while your customer’s expectations constantly increase. No matter how well your business’s website is designed, once in a while it will need a redesign to keep being an effective marketing tool.

Even if you’re emotionally invested in your current design, remember that your website’s primary goal should be to attract your soulmate clients and convert visitors to customers.

If this isn’t happening, it probably needs more than just a minor facelift.

Website Redesign: How Often?

In very competitive industries, you should have a website redesign every 2-3 years to keep up with the trends in design and marketing. In other, it’s most likely every 4 years. However, if your business website surpasses 5 years and the very mention of it makes you pretend that you don’t have a website at all, it’s time for a new one.

I’m aware that a website redesign is a considerable investment in both time and money, but it will pay for itself! Why not give your website a total makeover now to grant it the attention it deserves? Get in touch with me, book your free discovery call, and find out how I can help you elevate your online presence.


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