Why “Proven Marketing Formulas” Don’t Work for Your Spiritual Business

Ever felt like hurling your laptop out the window after yet another failed attempt at marketing your business? You’re not alone. In a world where self-proclaimed “marketing gurus” peddle their so-called “proven formulas” like snake oil, it’s no wonder many spiritual entrepreneurs end up feeling like we’ve sold our souls for a few clicks and likes.

Maybe you also tried launching your course using their “proven marketing formulas” that were supposed to make you rich in one go. You created the hype, sent a deluge of emails pushing your brilliant product down your clients throats. You may even have earned some bucks this way, but it left you with a bad taste in your mouth, and a sense of disgust when looking at yourself in the mirror.

It felt icky. Sleazy. Gross.

And the results? Less than impressive.

Well… I can relate because I’m guilty of that, too.

Let me tell you the story of how I learned this lesson I’m sharing with you today.

It was a big client of mine, and we had a long-term marketing contract. With the COVID pandemics obliging them to close their office and go fully online, the client saw a big drop in their revenue and was desperate for the money. And so were we.

They came with just an online course idea and hired us to take their holistic business from brick-and-mortar to online from scratch. Among other things, we agreed to help them develop a digital offer and run couple of static launch campaigns to sell their products.

After the first campaign, run using the principles of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula, the client was so ecstatic he sent us a gift basket with a kind note of appreciation. The course sold well—we earned around $40k—but they were hungry for more. So the second time, we raised the prices and did just the same, but more aggressive. Yet, it didn’t go as well as the first one, but still acceptable. Many people unsubscribed from their newsletter, which I didn’t consider a problem then—rather a necessary list purge. The third campaign, however, was a disaster. We barely hit the minimum, started getting angry emails from annoyed folks, and the client was “underwhelmed”, as he told us.

I was baffled and confused. I didn’t understand why after an initial success, we failed so badly.

My awakening came a few months later.

One of the main problems with these marketing formulas is that they often rely on what’s commonly known as “bro’ marketing”. It is the style of the self-proclaimed marketing gurus, characterized by aggressive sales tactics, hyperbolic claims, and a focus on making as much money as possible, often at the expense of the customer’s needs and desires.

Its mechanism relies on FOMO, sense of urgency, and lack mindset.

Think fake discounts, inflated value of the product, fake countdown timers, set-it-and-forget-it webinars, and other twist-your-arm tactics we’ve seen so many times. But shaming clients into buying may work to a certain point, but as a long-term strategy for a spiritual business—it’s completely unsustainable.

The truth is that bro’ marketing is the reason why many soulful business owners hate marketing. For spiritual entrepreneurs and sensitive folks like you and me, who prioritize authenticity and connection with their clients, bro’ marketing feels salesy, sleazy, and downright icky.

Totally un-spiritual. Completely out of alignment.

So I thought… there must be a different, better way to attract soulmate clients and sell effortlessly.

There are people who attract the right folks and prosper without exhausting launches. I just need to figure out how they do this.

You should know that when I’m truly intrigued with a topic, I dig until I find a solution. And that’s exactly what I did – I started digging, until I stumbled upon this funny woo-woo thing called Human Design. It turned out to be a rabbit hole that I disappeared in for quite a while (ADHD hyperfocus, baby).

Once I emerged from that rabbit hole, I felt like a different person—and a better marketer.

I finally understood why the “proven marketing formulas” are useless for spiritual businesses.

You see, we are constantly flooded with messages about who we should be and how we should act to achieve happiness and success on the material plane. We take this advice and try, but unless we’re the right type, it’s all worthless. Human Design teaches that we are all unique, so there is no “one-size-fits-all” formula.

Let me repeat: there is no “one-size-fits-all” in marketing.

Those for teach “proven marketing formulas” that work like magic (for them!) are generally Manifestors. They comprise around 9% of human population.

Manifestors are pure energy beings, in that they’re the only type to have a clear channel from one of the motor energy centers to the throat center, and this is what gives them their special ability to initiate projects. Their strategy is to “inform” others—though they may not be the best type to see them through, with Generators being a better fit for carrying projects to completion.

Manifestors have a creative life force with a powerful connection to Divine Inspiration, and when they feel the signal of their creative flow, they know it’s the right time to proceed and initiate.

Manifestors are highly influential, but often misunderstood and viewed as arrogant.

Now, some (not all!) Manifestors overflow this obnoxious, masculine, aggressive energy that translates into bro’ marketing and become very good at that. Fueled by their inflated ego, greed and hype, they get what they want. To me, their success only proves that it’s somehow aligned with their design. Maybe they receive their karmic lessons at a different level – I won’t go into that.

The truth is, all those high-ticket client attraction systems, proven formulas, email sequence swipe files, funnel templates, and persuasion tactics, together with the fake-it-till-you-make-it approach may have worked for them, but if it leaves you a bad taste in your mouth—at the end of the day, it’s totally unsustainable.

And with the onset of the Age of Aquarius, the global consciousness is shifting, and people are becoming more and more allergic to manipulation practices—which is yet another reason to abandon them.

What about marketing for other aura types?

If Generators (31%), Manifesting Generators (37%), Projectors (22%), or Reflectors (1%) try to market themselves like Manifestors, they usually fail and experience a range of negative emotions. And we all look the same.

Each of us is designed to be unique, and we are meant to market our business differently.

Forcing yourself to do things their way results in frustration for Generators, anger for Manifestors, bitterness for Projectors, or Disappointment—if you’re a Reflector. So if you keep trying marketing your business like Manifestors teach you, desperately falling back on all those snake-oil salesman tactics – you feel icky, and you are bound to fail because it goes against your nature.

But when we market ourselves in alignment with our design—that’s where the magic happens. It makes us irresistible to the people we are meant to serve, and they are magnetically drawn to us.

Marketing feels good, if it is aligned with the energetic blueprint of your soul.

And that’s when it becomes truly magnetic to your tribe. No aura type has a monopoly over success and abundance—it’s just the paths that are very different.

Marketing That Feels Good

In a world drowning in a sea of bland, cookie-cutter marketing strategies and manipulative sales tactics, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected from our true purpose as entrepreneurs. But as my journey has taught me, there is another way—a way that honors our unique energetic blueprint and resonates deeply with our soul’s calling.

Time to embrace the radical notion that hate being sold to, but they love buying. Especially buying from real people they trust.

I am not interested in pandering to outdated marketing formulas to prey on people’s vulnerabilities. I am here to empower soulful business owners like you to unleash the full force of your unique brand and message and help you create an online presence that attracts the people you are meant to serve—without selling your soul.

The best way to stand out and attract your soulmate clients is by crafting a custom brand that fells like you and content strategy that speaks directly to your audience’s hearts and souls. Embrace your authenticity and align your marketing efforts with your energetic blueprint, and people will follow.

So if you’re tired of playing by someone else’s rules and ready to carve out your own path—join me on this journey.

Are you in?

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